Cheers to THE CLASS OF 2014! Hiking season is in full swing along the Continental Divide Trail! Thanks to our intrepid thru hikers for inspiring and entertaining those of us who cannot be on trail with you this summer.

Below are RSS links for thru-hikers currently hiking or planning to hike the Continental Divide Trail during the 2014 hiking season. In the orange area below, by selecting an individual hiker’s name/blog, links displayed underneath will show their most recent blog posts. A list of 2014 hikers, including those without a blog, are found in the menu above. Also above is a list of 2013 CDT hikers and their blogs.

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 "Walk as if your feet are kissing the Earth." #hikecdt #continentaldividetrail
 "I truly believe that if we love enough the Earth will love us back. You are made of wind and fire and rain and dust and as long as you spread kindness consistently and abundantly, the flowers and trees will grant you freedom. Your body will be so warm the sun will ask you to dance, and you will feel so beautiful, there is no way you wouldn't say yes. " -@christopherpoindexter #hikecdt #continentaldividetrail #thruhike #trees #clouds #christopherpoindexter
 Photo by the amazing Brian Ahlers (Wantsum) on a VERY cold morning. We were so happy for this little slice of sunlight to warm us up a bit. #hikecdt #continentaldividetrail #montana #thruhike #hikerfamily
 Sitting here at Brownies Hostel in East Glacier watching all the hikers come and go. It's amazing getting to see all the friendly faces of so many fellow hikers turned friends/family. Congratulations to everyone who's finished this incredible journey... and cheers to those of us that are almost there. 100 miles to go until Canada! #hikecdt #continentaldividetrail #thruhike #montana #canada #eastglacier #gnp