Welcome and cheers to THE CLASS OF 2014! The list of hikers preparing to hike the Divide this summer is growing! Thanks in advance for inspiring and entertaining those of us who cannot be on trail with you this summer. Looks like it should be another great season.

Below are RSS links for thru-hikers currently planning to hike the Continental Divide Trail during the 2014 hiking season. In the orange area below, by selecting an individual hiker’s name/blog, links displayed underneath will show their most recent blog posts. A list of 2014 hikers, including those without a blog, are found in the menu above. Also above is a list of 2013 CDT hikers and their blogs.

Any feedback on how this site helped, hurt, could be better/more navigable/more useful/etc should be directed to me (Liz aka LoveNote) at   – which is also a good place to send your blog link/info if you’re planning to hike the CDT this coming summer! In the words of the Trail Show, “GET ON THE TRAIL!”

More CDT info can be found here:


Also, there is now a WATER tab on this site, found on the upper menu of this page — the idea being to emulate the much appreciated AsABat southern California water reports along the PCT. It displays within the site, with tabs at the bottom for generalized trail/snow conditions, and a fire closure tab as well. There is also a link to the original Google Doc, so that you can save the spreadsheet to your phone using the Google App, and update/save for offline viewing when you have internet service. I expect this season to need a little fine tuning, and it would obviously benefit from hiker participation :)